Fresh Flickr Friday…

August in Minnesota

Originally uploaded by Barb Kellogg

…the goal is to have this be a weekly entry. Might be a photo I really like, or one I don’t—and I’ll explain why. You can choose to agree or disagree! 🙂 Obviously the photographs I don’t like will NOT end up on my Zenfolio photo site, and of the ones I do like I’ll let you know if they will be available for purchase over at

This photo I happen to like! I was shooting photos of the area where I live for a Flickr group I belong to, and this is one of the ones I’ll be using (there are 5 total that will be posted by Sunday over on Flickr…just click on this photo and it will take you there).

There are several things I like about this shot: a) nailed the exposure in-camera (yay!), b) the composition focuses mainly on the flowers that are now dead, yet there is obviously much life left in this planting of flowers – very much an example of where nature is at in August in central Minnesota, and c) I just thought the colors were lovely. Only post processing were the use of two filters: contrast and glamor glow.

And yes this WILL BE available for purchase at!

About Barb Kellogg

I'm a people, pet and nature photographer who loves great bokeh, dark chocolate, and a good cup of tea.

One comment

  1. Marcia

    I agree that it captures the ever changing landscape of our beautiful land…
    Just as one life has bloomed, grown, and now waiting for next time…others are blooming, growing, flourishing. I look at this photo and think of “joy” mixed in with “hope” and “encouragement.” Joy in the beauty of the life that is present, lovely, flourishing and hope and encouragement in the fact that the other flowers will flourish again in it’s time and we enjoyed their beauty while with us. It amazes me how God sends His messages to us through His artwork here on Earth, through your talent and artwork through your lens, to tell us “I sent you flowers today, did you see them?!” …and thanks to you I say “Yes I did. They are lovely. Thank you!”

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