fresh flowers for sale…

Fresh flowers for sale!

…I have lots of awesome news to share!

First, I will be displaying and selling my photography at St. Cloud Hospital during the entire month of June. I’ll be there on the 1st hanging all my prints. If you didn’t get a chance to go last year, this is the year to check it out. Part of my sales are donated to the hospital auxiliary. You get a great print, and you can help support the volunteers and programs at the hospital. Don’t you love it when you can shop for a good cause?

I will also be in an article in the June 2nd edition of the St. Cloud Times’ Up Next section, as this month’s artist at the hospital! I was just interviewed this week. The writer, Jane, was super nice. (Thanks Jane! if you’re reading this.) I will do another blog post with the direct link to that article. But for you local folks, you can read it in the paper, too. I’ll be going to a few local coffee shops to pick myself up a few copies. Seeing it online just isn’t the same as on paper!

The second (or is it third?) piece of cool news is that two images from my cemetery series were chosen to be part of the Mesabi East Gallery in Aurora, MN. The art show will be during July. I’ll be attending an artist reception in Aurora on June 29th. That art will also be for sale. I can’t wait to see what other artwork will be there.

Oh, I almost forgot! The above image is a freshly uploaded to my website. It’s so nice to see it larger!

To you Facebook users, I’d love it if you could share this blog post on your walls. I’d really like to get the word out about my St. Cloud Hospital display. I also have an artist page that you can “Like”, which can be accessed by clicking on the Facebook tab at the top of the webpage.

Thanks everyone! This is a really exciting month and I’m happy to share it with you!


About Barb Kellogg

I'm a people, pet and nature photographer who loves great bokeh, dark chocolate, and a good cup of tea.


  1. Great news indeed. Congrats and good luck with your exhibition.

  2. Congratulations! Such great news!

  3. Marcia

    I’m happy for you and your exciting month of June. I love, love, love the white flower with the muted backgroud.

    More shopping for me! :)]

  4. Becca

    You are awesome! Congrats to you with such wonderful news x4! I played around with my camera earlier this week when I was in Iowa, messing around with the aperture settings. I will hopefully get those posted to flick sometime soon. You are very talented!

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