remember the time before Internet?

…I sit here on my couch typing on my iPod on this Sunday evening. Why? I have no Internet here at home right now. (Our cable company was sold, and let’s just say things haven’t gone as smoothly as the new company would have liked.) I’ve had two days of no Internet. (With no idea when it will be back up.) No uploading photos. No ability to quickly research. No email. No Facebook. I will need to find some public wifi to be able to send this post.

This lack of access to all things “web” is like a trip back in time. There was no email or Internet when I went to college. (We had computers, but they were mostly used as a word processor.) The concept of a blog post wasn’t part of the vernacular. It’s actually kind of nice not to have immediate access to everything. Are finding out the lyrics to “Bullet the Blue Sky” really so important that it can’t wait until I find the cd and read the liner notes? I’ll help you…the answer is “no”.

No Internet access has created time in my day to read (gasp!) a book. To work out. (Gasp, again!) To really focus on thinking about my burgeoning pet photography business. I think most of us can relate to how much of a time sucker the Internet can be. Don’t get me wrong. The www is wonderful. As a research nut, the plethora of information is mesmerizing to me. As a photographer, the variety of work that I can be exposed to in seconds is inspiring. The ability to quickly converse with someone living in Turkey closes the geographical gap. The Internet is awesome. But…

But as generations before me have reminisced about their past–a past with no television, no radio, no telephone, no electricity (ok, I doubt anyone waxes poetic about the time of no electricity 🙂 ) — I can’t help but remember how great it was, how less complicated it was, to not email/text/talk on cell phones, you get the idea. You especially get it if you’re a person over “a certain age”. 🙂 You don’t miss what you don’t know.

And I am most amused by Apple’s insistence on capitalizing the word while I type on my iPod– elevating the word to a proper noun!





About Barb Kellogg

I'm a people, pet and nature photographer who loves great bokeh, dark chocolate, and a good cup of tea.


  1. Marcia

    Great thoughts on a thought provoking topic…
    I love the access to my baseball games, stats, updated scores, speech-language pathology information, quick images/pics for kids, emailing instead of notes, paperwork on the network vs. handwritten documents, electionic banking, bill paying, distribution lists instead of 10 different letters or phone calls….all terrific, all good tools, and very convenient and efficient.

    …that being said, what a good book can do for a person…what a card in the mail can do for a person…what hearing someone’s voice on the phone can do for a person…what writing a card or letter to a person can do for a person…what a face to face conversation can do for a person…is still timeless and appreciated…

    For those who don’t have the www, like my 80 year old parents…well you are pretty much ‘left out’….and rely on someone else to ‘could you look that up for me sometime?’ Yet, I am fascinated by the cards, the letters, the photographs, the phone calls they receive on a weekly basis…I find myself smiling while reading a beautifully hand written letter from one of my sister’s, or a quick, funny note from one of my brother’s, I find myself smiling while listening to my Dad answer the phone, “Well hello John!” or as he conveys “Mom Linda’s on the phone” and I think – how nice they call and stay in touch, or I find myself smiling at the recent photographs they have received of grand children and great grandchildren….no websites, no emails…but tangible, quality reminders of love, importance, gratitude, and significance saved not on a harddrive but on walls, refrigerators, and tables…now that is access! 🙂

    There is still so much room in the wide world…for both…

    • Good stuff, Marcia! See, you should have your own blog! I tell ya, you’d have quite the following between your baseball musings, football musings, and just life in general. 🙂

  2. I remember typing my master thesis on an electronic typewriter ( which I had borrowed from someone – I thought it was great) , having database – cards ( did we use the word database???) in a box on my desk, enyclopedia in the bookshelf, the public library and the one in college where you could find anything… And yes, I remember the time without television!
    Oh, I’m getting old!!
    I enjoy the information acces now.
    But the more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that the depth of information, communication and relationships has decreased. One doesn’t need 50 or even 1000 “friends”, one doesn’t have to know everything immediately.
    I really think a “slow” life is healthier and more fulfilling.
    But it’s almost impossible!
    Enjoy your days without internet, Barb!!! And maybe you could take some of the things you re-discovered these days with you when you’lll have internetacces again. Books, e.g., will be still there to read!

  3. You are so right, Barb. I can go “without” my laptop, easily. But give up my iPhone? No way.

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