a cute sleeve for my Nook…

I just had to share some photos of a cute and very functional sleeve to protect my Nook when it’s in my purse or other bag. Many of you know that Etsy is a great place to find all sorts of hand-crafted items. So I went searching one day for “Nook sleeves”. And voila!, I found Dahlia Tech. She has all sorts of beautiful sleeves for your iPad, Nook, laptop, etc. And she also ships outside of the US.

I am so very pleased with my order! So I wanted to give a big shout out to Patti Ferron, the owner of Dahlia Tech. Thanks Patti!

ps. She sells handbags, too. 🙂 At Etsy, the business name is Dahlia Handbags.



About Barb Kellogg

I'm a people, pet and nature photographer who loves great bokeh, dark chocolate, and a good cup of tea.


  1. Marcia

    Really nice! Thanks for sharing…I’m going to check it out!! 🙂
    Take care!

  2. Patti

    Hi Barbara,

    Thanks so much for blogging about the item you purchased from my Etsy store and for including a link to my handbag store! I am so happy you are thrille with your purchase!


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