la petite fleur…

small white flowersI took this image last summer. And I could have sworn I shared it with all of you. But after discovering it again the other day, I’m thinking I might not have.

My dad was actually the one to spot these little flowers in their yard. Each flower is no bigger than the tip of your pinky finger. And even though pollen is a bad word to us allergy sufferers, I think it looks quite pretty when the delicate orange tips adorn these lovely flowers.

The wildflowers in Minnesota should be blooming soon. (I’m not going to count the dandelions.) Remember to be on the lookout for what might be literally underfoot. Sometimes it’s the little things that go unnoticed. Just walk a little slower the next time you’re out and about with your camera!

ciao! or, I should say au revoir!



About Barb Kellogg

I'm a people, pet and nature photographer who loves great bokeh, dark chocolate, and a good cup of tea.


  1. karen

    Nice. They soon will be back.

  2. Barb, this is flower is truly gorgeous! Me too I can’t wait for wild flowers to bloom in an certain area that I know.

  3. Becca

    Beautiful – photo & your copy! 🙂

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