cha cha cha changes…

Blog Re-Design

…while the little tune I just put in your head is from David Bowie, that song really isn’t the tone I want to set for this change. Instead, I’d rather use a quote attributed to Andy Warhol—”They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” I thought it was time to change things up a bit for the look of my blog!

For those of you viewing this on your computer, or the full site on your mobile device, the home page layout looks a little different! One of the wonderful things about WordPress is they are always coming out with new themes. And most of them are free. I was in the mood for a pretty drastic change for this blog, something that could feature lots of images to catch your eyes. I know I don’t always read posts of other bloggers immediately when they are published, so I know I miss some great content. I can only wonder if the same thing happens with my blog? (I think only my mom reads every post. 🙂 ) So my hope is that more things catch your eyes that you might have missed in the past!

For those of you on iPads, I know there are some layout issues with the photos on prior posts when viewing the iPad version of the blog. If you view the full site, it’s not a problem. I have to assume that going forward it won’t be an issue. And either way, I’m not worried about it.

So that gets the news about the “cha cha changes” out of the way.

Last Week’s Art Fair

I had a booth at a local art fair last week. I promised a few people I’d share some images.

This is the first art fair I’ve done in several years. I used to make beaded jewelry, so I was a little familiar with the outdoor art fair environment. It makes for a long day; and in the summer, a long hot day. So this was me getting my feet wet to see if I wanted to do a couple of these next year. I haven’t decided yet. (So obviously I didn’t have bang up sales that day. That would have made for a much easier decision!)

But, what a gorgeous setting for an art fair! Munsinger Gardens is just lovely this time of year. Their website is quite sparse, so here is a link to my Google search for images of the gardens and some historical information. It truly was a lovely way to spend a day outside. Lots of people! And I even had a few friends drop by, one of them VERY unexpected (but great to see!).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And yes that is my husband Kyle keenly surveying the set-up for any last minute changes before the art fair began. 🙂

Next Blog Post

Floral images of Lavender and Hydrangea.



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