Favorite People and Websites of 2012

(Sorry for the duplicate post for those of you who get this in your inbox, I forgot to change the year to 2013 when I entered in the publication date. Doh!)

Instead of doing a recap of my photos from 2012 that were my favorites, I’m going to make this blog post about what I’ve liked in OTHER people’s blogs this past year. Or OTHER people’s photos that I’ve liked. Or places I go on the web on a regular basis because I find them worth my time. Basically, this isn’t all about me other than I like these folks for one reason or another. The main criteria is their blog posts generally get read before they are deleted from my inbox, I have purchased their books, or I use these products.

But you did get ONE photo of mine that I dug out of the archives. But I think this was from 2011. You would have never known. 🙂 My husband and I were kayaking in a nearby lake at St. John’s University, Minnesota. I think this tree was kind of dead, as the others are quite green and lush, so it wasn’t Fall. I wish I had been further back and gotten the reflection of the tree in the water, too. But considering it’s the dead of winter right now, I’ll take my nice green trees with open water photo and missing reflection any day.

lake near St John's with trees

The first one, (and there is no “best” or #1, she just happened to be in my inbox today) is Savory Simple by Jennifer Farley. She blogged about her favorite recipes in 2012 and a recipe for Maryland Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes was one of them. I, the non-cook extraordinaire, actually want to try to make these. I ate something similar to this eons ago, and this recipe looks closest to what my memory, well, remembers. And there are no peppers in this recipe. Why people want to put peppers in I have no idea.

The next person is Hakan Dahlstrom. I get his posts in my inbox daily. It’s just a photo. No words. I think I could learn from that, as I know these posts get a tad wordy. 🙂 His imagery is just honest. It’s varied. And most of the time, very good. I linked you to his latest blog post with some of his best photos.

If you follow me on Facebook, you might have seen me mention Kathleen Clemons. Her photography is simply beautiful. She is one of the photographers that inspires me to do better. And if you want to learn how to use a Lensbaby, she’s your gal. (That’s a link to an online photography class that I’ve taken.)

Photofocus is just a photography website that I find informative.

Some of you know I love orchids. There is a grower a short distance away from me that is just superb. They are helpful, nice, and knowledgeable. They also ship all over the world. Orchids Limited is located in Plymouth, Minnesota.

PhotographyTalk.com. Their website is too busy for me (meaning too many ads, columns, photos, and basically it looks disorganized with no main focal point…a.k.a. cluttered), but I do really like their email newsletter. At the bottom of the newsletter are links to video tutorials, of which I usually find at least one that I want to watch. (And most likely more than one that I should watch, but that’s a different story.)

I do believe I have a photographer’s crush on David duChemin’s photography. And, he seems like a really cool dude. And you gotta admire a guy who falls off a 30′ wall and still goes out there to the boonies all over the world on crutches. I wonder how many Humpty Dumpty jokes he heard? Oh, and I just received his latest book, The Print and the Process, and I love it. Half way through it. And I will go through it many many times. David also is part of an online venture selling wonderful e-books via Craft and Vision. Worth looking into!

WordPress.com — favorite blogging platform. (This is what I use for A Flick of Light.) I recently switched my Sweet Clover Pet Photography website to a different platform and I’m not as happy with it. I won’t go into the reasons why I switched, as they had nothing to do directly with WordPress.

Seth Godin is another person’s emails I read more often than not. His posts are generally about marketing, but not in a boring way, if you know what I mean.

And I’m still lovin’ my Epiphanie Lyric camera bag. The size I bought prevents me from taking too much camera stuff. I blogged about it initially here. I need to write another blog post about it now that I’ve used it for a while. Add that to the 2013 blog list, I guess.

This is the end. More than long enough! No doubt I’ll post this and wish I’d have added something or deleted something. But, sometimes you just have to hit the “Publish” button and be done with it.

Happy New Year, everyone.




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