Montana in Winter

Cold but Beautiful!

Last month we headed to eastern Montana. Yes, January is a lovely month for a road trip across North Dakota into Montana. Despite the bitterly cold -20F windchills (that’s about -29 for you celsius folks), the light was a gorgeous soft pink/blue/gold combination as the sun was setting. Some of you know that when it’s that cold, there are these wonderful little ice crystals in the air and the light just flickers off of them. No snow, just wonderful sparkly magic. So I was on alert for something fantastic to photograph in this light, despite the bitter temps.

So now imagine driving down this straight gravel road out in the middle of nowhere, bitterly cold wind chills, and the gorgeous light of the setting sun. We’re on our way to a family get-together and my husband is nice enough to pull over twice as I stand outside, briefly, to take a few photos. I am very motivated to quickly frame, shoot, shoot again, ok I’m not too cold yet, shoot again. Ok, my face is getting numb. One more shot. (I even managed to capture a bit of a sun dog in the first image!) Then quick back to the warm car. Now repeat for the homestead house, except I traipsed quickly through the field, knowing the sun was setting and I didn’t have much time. Thank goodness there wasn’t much snow!

I am offering a couple of three-image series using some of the below images, and most of the images will also be available individually, too.


A series of images taken in Montana in January at sunset.

Three images of Montana on gallery wraps

MONTANA WINTER —One 30×24 and two 14×11 canvas gallery wraps

A series of three images of  Montana printed on canvas or metal.

MONTANA TRIO – A series of three 20×10″ images of Montana printed on canvas or metal

I hope you enjoyed the images! The little sales pitch was just a free bonus. 🙂 I figure you won’t know what’s for sale unless I tell ‘ya.


Barb Kellogg Photography


About Barb Kellogg

I'm a people, pet and nature photographer who loves great bokeh, dark chocolate, and a good cup of tea.

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  1. Wow! Simply gorgeous! Love the soft color and the simplicity of the landscape. Unique and beautiful!

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