A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life—So What Do You Do All Day?

I’m often asked this question, mostly by family and friends who knew me “before photography”—um, what DO you Do?  While I admit that transitioning to being self-employed is a constant exercise in focus and attention, I am getting better at the focus and attention aspects. Often the tasks seem overwhelming, like deciding on the actual album company to use (do you know there are dozens of choices out there, each with their own pros and cons), learning new software, learning new things about photography, or just trying to keep my office in some semblance of controlled chaos. But then some things just take time to get right (like my promotional pieces), and crafting a blog article.

If you like this peek into my day, I can blog about this again in the future. Let me know by commenting. Why don’t you pick a date in the future, and I’ll document that day!

A few happenings from today.

A few happenings from today.

  • As usual, today is a bit varied. I’m finishing up the designing and printing of a couple promo pieces for a local silent auction donation for the pet photography side of my business—Sweet Clover Pet Photography. The local humane society has their annual Wine, Kibbles, and Bids fundraiser that I’m donating a pet session for.
  • A collapsible reflector was delivered today that doubles as a tool for getting the proper color temperature in a photograph. (Ever photographed under fluorescent lights and your camera didn’t quite get the setting right and everything looked green? This helps get it right in camera. Good for the client and good for me.) So of course I had to take a few test shots with Mulder and some flowers I received today.
  • The hyacinths—today is my wedding anniversary. Yah, no foolin’! So I took a few photos of them. Mostly for my mom to see. (You’re welcome, Mom!) The main reason it’s on April Fools Day is because I’m notoriously bad with remembering birthdays and anniversaries. Yes I know there are paper and electronic calendars to help with this problem, but they seem to not get transferred from year to year. (I prefer a paper calendar. Just ’cause.)
  • The list of books I now have to read is another thing I need to chip away at. Mostly business focused, but of course some are photography books, too. I wasn’t born with a camera in my hand, nor was I born with knowing how to organize my business expenses, but these are two important educational pieces of my life that will only benefit my clients, and myself. No doubt tonight one of these will be read for a little bit.
  • Writing this blog post was another thing on my to-do list today. My goal is every two weeks with each business. Sometimes you get more than that if something interesting come up.
  • Of course I do eat, and need to let the dog out a couple times, play some fetch-the-sock with him. Trust me, he makes sure I pay attention to him!

Just don’t ask me what’s for dinner tonight!

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About Barb Kellogg

I'm a people, pet and nature photographer who loves great bokeh, dark chocolate, and a good cup of tea.


  1. Alanna

    What is the reflector? Nice to see a slice of life!

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