Saturday Morning

Ever wonder what  a photographer does on a Saturday morning?

Since I’m not a wedding photographer, most of my sessions don’t involve weekend work. And I don’t have any flowers or other pretty scenery to photograph yet, so I tried out my v-flats in the living room this morning. I should have taken a photograph of the set up, but didn’t think of it until now. I wasn’t planning on doing a blog post of this, but as I started looking at the images on my computer, I thought “why not?” So I’ll to use words instead.

V-flats are nothing  more than large sheets of foam board taped together on one of the long edges. When standing, they form the shape a “V”. A black v-flat blocks and absorbs light, a white v-flat bounces light around. Probably some of the cheapest photography gear with really nice results.

If you look at his eyes, you can see the light source is to the left (our living room window with sheer curtains hung to diffuse the light). In the color image, he is facing the window. He’d had a long week, so I was trying to use light to not have him look so tired, and facing the diffused living room window did the trick. I wasn’t expecting to post any images (he’s looking a bit scruffy), but I did like how these turned out.

And as I’m in here working on this blog post, my husband is out mowing the lawn. I think I’ve had the nicer morning. 🙂 It’s time for lunch and on with the rest of the day.

Black v-flat to left and back and right

Black v-flat to left and back and right, window is to the left (85mm at f/2.8)

Black v-flat to left and back, white v-flat to camera right

Black v-flat to left and back, model facing window (50mm at f/2.8)

I really need to give a shout out to Sue Bryce. This past week she gave a lighting seminar through Creative Live with Felix Kunze. It was really great (informative and inspiring), and I always find it interesting to watch how other photographers work. Her portion was using natural light, and she used sheers on the windows and v-flats. I just had to try this out and I’m very pleased!

I’m excited to add this to my bag of tricks for my portrait work.

Have a good weekend everyone! And for those of us in the US, remember those who have served our country.

~Barb Kellogg
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